Biostamina Ltd is a company that specializes in the production of medical devices with a 100% natural formulation of herbal medicines. The Bio RIGENERA® O3 Dental lipogel is a highly concentrated product enriched with O3 ozone molecules, and is a completely waterless anhydrous formulation. Safe, effective and natural product free from toxic substances, as it does not contain chemicals or petrolatum and non-toxic to accidental ingestion.

Biostamina Ltd has specialized laboratories associated with the most important international scientific researchers. It carries out intense research programs, aimed at creating safe, natural and completely plant-based herbal products, able to reduce healing times by stimulating regenerative processes.

Lipogel Bio Regenerating and Bio Healing

The first 100% natural Lipogel, enriched with ozone, relieves pain, promotes healing and tissue regeneration


Thanks to its dense and viscous formulation Bio RIGENERA® O3 Dental performs an action of hemostasis on the bleeding wound, causing the painful symptoms to regress quickly.

It adheres and remains long on the wound, creating a membrane that isolates the outer environment and protects it from bacterial or viral infections and inflammation.

Thanks to its natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti edema and healing properties Bio RIGENERA® O3 Dental already in 48/72 hours promotes the vascularization process, creating a conducive humid micro-environment to cell proliferation and optimal for physiological healing processes. The active ingredients of the medicinal plants in it stimulate tissue regeneration and promote a fast healing process.

The natural formulation of Bio RIGENERA® O3 Dental differs from artificial chemical molecules in that it is less aggressive and has no contraindications, while maintaining similar therapeutic results. A highly appreciated formulation as it is well known the growing interest in Europe in the use of natural substances, especially in dentistry, where antibiotic resistance is now known.


  • bio-regenerating and bio-repairing high properties;
  • to be used on the occasion of surgery;
  • reduces edema, relieves pain and promotes healing;
  • dense and viscous formula designed to adhere to the mucosa, creates a protective micro film on the lesion isolating it from the external environment protecting it from infectious, viral and inflammatory processes;
  • barrier action and hemostasis on bloody wound;
  • it is applied to the oral mucosa injured or affected by pathological processes such as
    sores and wounds;
  • stimulates the fast healing and re-epithelialization of the oral mucosa, reducing healing
  • the properties of grapefruit seeds and ozone, have antibacterial effect and contribute to
    quick and correct gingival regeneration and of the oral mucosa;
  • natural product with a pleasant taste, non-toxic to accidental Ingestion, as it does not contain petrolatum or chemical substances, but only 100% natural ingredients of medicinal plants.



PHYTOTHERAPY: plant oils can stimulate the cells present in our body, and while they are not losing their regenerating and repairing potential, with the passing of time they slow down in their function of renewal. The properties of essential oils consist in reducing the formation of MMP1, enzymes responsible for the degradation of collagen and for the inflammation of the oral cavity and mucose.