Is the product 100% natural?
Yes, the product is composed of 100% of oils from officinal plants of Italian production, without any addition of preservatives or stabilizers. It has no contraindications other than those of ascertained allergies to one of the components.

How to apply it?
Professional use: with the special syringe.
Home use: apply it manually with your fingers on the injured part massaging gently for a minute.

What kind of problems can be treated with the product?
The product can be used after any type of surgery in the oral cavity, especially in the case of operations that require extractions or gingival resections, but we have observed excellent responses in the treatment of aphthous ulcers and mouth ulcers.

Where can I find it?
At the moment the product is available at the dentists listed. Who use it and can advise you better.

When can it be used?
For: gingivitis, parandontitis, post surgical, in orthondontics and aphthous ulcers.

How many times a day can it be used?
Apply at least 3 times a day after a normal daily hygiene and away from meals.

Duration of treatment?
At least 10 days.

Can it be swallowed?
Usually it does not cause any problem.

Can it be used against the irritation created by mobile prostheses?
Yes! Apply a small amount of Lipogel on the prosthesis in contact with the gums, soothes the pain and irritation of the gums.

Is it effective on herpes?
Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, re-epithelial and anti-infective actions regress painful symptoms faster with a quick recovery of damaged skin.

Does it work on aphthous stomatitis?
Yes! It reduces pain and accelerates healing times.

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